A comprehensive software suite to meet your needs or complement your existing toolset.

Alignment Tools

The most powerful automated alignment tool on the market. Complements your existing TM and full-text search software. More Info



A search engine for terminology, bitexts and archives. Also includes translation, terminology, data conversion and alignment tools. More Info


By public demand, Terminotix has now posted YouTube videos exhibiting its various products. All videos are in HD so you can view them full screen in high quality. You can access our YouTube channel by visiting www.youtube.com/Terminotix. More videos will be added progressively and all products will eventually be covered. Stay tuned to the Terminotix YouTube channel because new videos are on their way. Got an idea for a video presentation? Drop us a line at sales@terminotix.com.

If you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to our channel — by clicking the yellow “Subscribe” button at the address above — and be notified when Terminotix adds new videos.

Here is the list of Terminotix YouTube videos:





  • Video to come.


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