Systran Pure Neural Server
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Integrate neural machine translation to your linguistic services

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Powered by SYSTRAN's neural machine translation engine (PNMT™ for Pure Neural™ Machine Translation), SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server is a cutting-edge neural machine translation solution with numerous benefits:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • 53 languages and over 140 combinations
  • Compatibility with a variety of formats:
    • text;
    • images;
    • audio files;
    • websites and more;
  • Data security and privacy
  • Open, scalable architecture
  • Compatibility with all document types: manuals, procedures, reports, FAQs, etc.
  • Deployment on your intranet or extranet
  • Integration with your applications, including:
    • Computer-assisted translation tools
    • Translation management systems
    • Content management systems
    • RESTful API
    • eDiscovery.

About Neural Machine TranslationNeural machine translation (NMT) is an advanced technology centred in deep learning, a form of artificial intelligence that has given rise to neural-network models. Rather than translating individual words, NMT engines process text as a whole, taking each component into account, and generate an equivalent text in the target language. This comprehensive approach draws on the NMT engine’s advanced knowledge of each language, which is developed through a training process. Equipped with an extensive capacity to adapt and perfect their performance, NMT engines are trained continuously using your data to produce output that complies with your terminology and communication preferences.

Integration With Computer-Assisted Translation ToolsMachine translation engines like SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server are a precious asset for professional translators due to the possibilities they offer when combined with a suite of computer-assisted translation tools.


The term extraction application Synchroterm allows you to build a terminology database that can be imported into your neural machine translation system to produce specialized translations. What’s more, SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server enables the creation of terminology profiles that correspond to specific fields or clients.


SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server can be integrated with LogiTerm through the LogiTrans pretranslation tool, allowing you to obtain top-quality suggestions within your translation environment. External translators can also access LogiTrans—and therefore SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server —using the LogiTerm Toolbar for Microsoft Word.


Using an alignment application like AlignFactory lets you quickly build general or specific bilingual corpora, which can then be used to train the neural machine translation engine in order to improve results, fine-tune terminology or teach the engine to adopt a communication style that fits your brand image.

Deep Learning: A Revolution in AIUntil now, models used in artificial intelligence were linear and based on rules that needed to be programmed by humans. New neural models, however, mimic the human brain and comprise several different layers of processing. This means that they can simultaneously process multiple aspects of a data set and generate rules independently. When you train a neural system on a large data set in a specific language, which is now possible thanks to big data, it can learn to extrapolate rules and vocabulary.

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