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Statistical and neural network automatic translation software

Portage helps translators boost productivity and improve the quality of their work by generating automatic translations that draw on their own documents.

Using statistical machine learning technology, Portage creates ever-more accurate translations the more it is used. Because Portage uses your archives rather than external resources, the translations it generates are considerably more accurate than with other automatic translation systems. For each sentence translated by Portage, a confidence index is produced. This allows users to filter translated output based on quality. To obtain sufficient quality, we recommend training Portage on a corpus of at least 5 million words.

Systems Comparison

Many clients report having translated entire documents with an accuracy rate of 70-80% in certain subject areas. This kind of accuracy means that a language professional can realistically expect to perform revision, rather than translation, when equipped with Portage.

Portage can be integrated into LogiTerm, Terminotix’s computer-aided translation software.

You can use LogiTerm’s pretranslation settings to activate Portage when working with LogiTerm’s pretranslation engine. If a match is not found for a given text segment, LogiTerm will display an automatic translation for the segment (if a specific correspondence threshold is met).

Portage supports TMX and SDLXLIFF file formats and retains output formatting codes. It also features a SOAP interface, which allows for integration with any computer-aided translation software or any other platform. Portage software can be installed on your servers or hosted on Terminotix’s servers.

Developed by the National Research Council of Canada, Portage regularly ranks first or as a runner-up in international automatic translation competitions.

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