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Website alignment service

By converting a multilingual website into a TMX file with our alignment service, language professionals can facilitate several related tasks:

  • Training a neural machine translation engine
  • Feeding a translation memory
  • Feeding a bilingual concordancer

Term extraction service

Offered as an optional complement to our alignment service, our term extraction service creates term records based on websites. This facilitates the creation of terminology databases, which you can use to ensure greater consistency across translations. The resulting terminology can also be incorporated into certain neural machine translation engines.

How does it work?

The alignment service uses several cutting-edge tools developed by Terminotix: WeBiSearch, AlignFactory, LogiTerm Web and SynchroTerm.

  1. The site is analyzed using WeBiSearch to determine the multilingual structure.
  2. AlignFactory's Web Crawler function is used to create an exact copy of the source- and target-language pages of the site to align.
  3. A list of document pairs to align is created using AlignFactory's file matching algorithms.
  4. Document pairs are aligned with AlignFactory and the resulting bilingual corpus is available in bitext or TMX format.
  5. The bilingual corpus is indexed in LogiTerm. Then, bilingual concordancer searches are performed to check the accuracy of alignments.
  6. A webpage containing the alignments is sent to the user for validation.
  7. Terminotix delivers the finalized alignment corpus in TMX format.
  8. (Optional) If term extraction is requested, this task is carried out in SynchroTerm and the bilingual records are delivered in the requested format (Excel, tab-delimited, XML, TBX, TMX, etc.).

What is the quality of the results?

The use of filters in the alignment process, as well as the verification of alignment accuracy in LogiTerm Web, enables exceptional quality. When the optional term extraction service is requested, the results obtained are validated by language professionals.

How long does it take?

The service can take between one and three working days, depending on the size of the website.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the quantity of documents to align, the service costs between $300 and $800 on average per language pair and per website. Discounts may apply, depending on the number of websites.

For an estimate, write to with "Website alignment estimate" in the subject line. The email must contain the URL of the website to align and the desired source and target languages. Indicate whether you wish to add the term extraction service. Additional costs apply.

Want to align your documents in-house?

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