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Number 8, June 2010

Publish your terminology on the Web

There are many advantages to publishing your terminology, bitexts or translation memories on the Web: 1) freelancers can access your terminology without having to contact your in-house personal; 2) your employees can access the databases from home or anywhere in the world; 3) there is no software to install since the access is provided through the Web browser and; 4) the consistency of your terminology is therefore increased. The LogiTermWeb Extension Module from Terminotix, which can be accessible via Internet or an intranet in read-only mode or not, enables you to quickly benefit from these advantages for a low price. You can easily import any terminology database format and convert your translation memories in TMX in order to publish them through the LogiTermWeb Extension Module. The LogiTermWeb Extension Module search engine offers advanced bilingual concordancer features (target language filering) and enables you to access bilingual context of your translaton memories in a click. Here are examples of Terminotix clients who publish their terminology through our technology: TERMINAV©, the NAV CANADA terminology database, the University of Ottawa terminology database and the Canadian Nurses Association glossary. For more information on our products, please write us at

YouAlignhas just got a facelift!

The interface of our free online alignment engine, YouAlign, has recently got a major facelift. YouAlign enables you to quickly and easily align documents in PDF, XML, HTML, InDesign and many more formats, and create HTML bitexts or TMX files. You can then download the output file and import it into your full text search engine or your translation memory software. No need to install anything; everything is done through your Web browser. Our alignment technology, which is equal to none, can also be found in other of our products, namely LogiTermWeb, AlignFactory and SynchroTerm. We invite you to visit to create a free account and benefit from the best alignment engine on the market! For more information on our products, please write us at

Radio-Canada opts forLogiTermWeb

The Radio-Canada linguistic service department has chosen Terminotix to implement a complete computer-aided translation solution comprised of LogiTermWeb and AlignFactory. Terminotix was given a three-item mandate: 1) implement LogiTermWeb and AlignFactory in the existing framework; 2) extract all existing terminology from Edibase and import it into LogiTermWeb and; 3) train the in-house language professionals on the implemented solution. For more information on the solution at Radio-Canada, please write us at

SynchroTerm now available
to freelancers

SynchroTerm, the powerful bilingual term extraction tool, is now available to freelancers for $420 CAN instead of $1,800 CAN. The price includes free upgrades and technical support for a year. For more information on our products, please write us at


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