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The Newsletter LogiTerm
Number 11, December 2010
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LogiTermWeb and LogiTermPro 5.0 Official Release

Terminotix is proud to announce the official release of LogiTerm 5.0 on January 17th 2011. LogiTermWeb [ http://terminotix.com/docs/factsheet_logiterm_en.pdf ] is the corporate version whereas LogiTermPro [ http://terminotix.com/index.asp?name=LogiTermPro&content=item&brand=2&item=12&lang=en ] is the freelance version. LogiTermPro 5.0 is a major upgrade of LogiTermPro 3.2.

Here is a partial list of the new features:

As of January 17th 2011, the price of LogiTermPro will be increased from $ 535 to $ 795 CAN. If you order LogiTermPro 5.0 by the given date, you will pay $ 535 CAN and get the 5.0 upgrade free since it is included in the one-year support contract. If you already have a valid support contract with Terminotix, you will get LogiTermPro 5.0 free. Please note that the price of the one-year support contract will be increased from $ 85 to $ 130. To get the upgrade for the Corporate version, please contact Terminotix support at support@terminotix.com. To know more about LogiTerm 5.0, please write us at sales@terminotix.com.

Terminotix – Consoltec Partnership

Terminotix and Consoltec [ http://consoltec.ca/ ] established a partnership to develop analysis and pretranslation solutions that integrate into the translation management workflow. Based in Montreal, Consoltec is known for its translation workflow solution, FlowFit [ http://consoltec.ca/product.html ], which can be found in organizations like Blake, Cassels & Graydon. An API (Application Programming Interface) between LogiTermWeb and FlowFit is available. The integration between the two products enables automated document analysis and pretranslation using the terminology and bitext resources of LogiTermWeb. To get more information about the partnership between Terminotix and Consoltec, please write us at sales@terminotix.com.

Interoperability: Exchange Standards for CAT tools

The only way CAT tools can exchange their translation memories, terminology records, translation projects or segmentation rules easily is by using exchange standards, thus enabling a more open world. With these standards, data are no longer locked in software.

Here is a partial list of the main standards:

About Terminotix

Founded by translation professionals over ten years ago, Terminotix Inc. is a company specializing in computer-aided translation (CAT). Terminotix aims to help linguistic services departments and translation firms boost the performance of coordinators, translators, editors and terminologists through effective CAT solutions. To know more about Terminotix, please write at sales@terminotix.com.

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