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Number 13, August 2011
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Terminotix now on YouTube

By public demand, Terminotix has now posted YouTube videos exhibiting its various products. You can access our YouTube channel by visiting www.youtube.com/Terminotix. More videos will be added progressively and all products will eventually be covered. For the moment, you will only find LogiTerm Pro and AlignFactory Light videos. Stay tuned to the Terminotix YouTube channel because new videos are on their way. Got an idea for a video presentation? Drop us a line at sales@terminotix.com.

If you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to our channel — by clicking the yellow “Subscribe” button at the address above — and be notified when Terminotix adds new videos.

Solution Hosting at Terminotix

Solution hosting is gaining popularity among organizations who want to cut costs related to server purchasing, installation and support. The Global Fund (The Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and Hydro-Québec have chosen to host LogiTerm Web on Terminotix servers. Besides these advantages, organizations need not to worry about updates, they can access their data from anywhere via a Web connection and also benefit from a very fast support service. To know more about solution hosting from Terminotix, write to sales@terminotix.com.

LogiTerm vs bilingual concordancers

Many people fail to see the direct connection between LogiTerm and bilingual concordancers like WeBiText, TransSearch, Linguee, etc. In addition to the fact that LogiTerm is a complete CAT tool solution, it is also the perfect personal bilingual concordancer! People who like bilingual concordancers and do not own LogiTerm have good reason to consider LogiTerm. LogiTerm boasts far more advanced syntax search than any competing online concordancers. Once your documents are indexed in LogiTerm, the door opens to many more valuable functions: pretranslation, automatic term extraction, etc.

So you have decided to adopt LogiTerm as your own concordancer but you are stuck with thousands of documents and don’t know where to begin building high quality bilingual corpora in a very short time? AlignFactory is just the tool for you. It can be set to match documents and align them automatically, so it’s “hands-off” operation. Once the bitexts are created, you index them in LogiTerm and voilà!

For more about LogiTerm or AlignFactory, write to sales@terminotix.com

The largest terminology department extracts with SynchroTerm

The Translation Bureau's Terminology Standardization Directorate (TSD), the largest terminology department worldwide employing more than fifty terminologists, makes good use of the powerful Terminotix term extraction tool, SynchroTerm. The TSD uses SynchroTerm to extract relevant terms from documents of many types and speed up the terminology record creation process dramatically. Supporting 10 languages, SynchroTerm can automatically create complete terminology records from unilingual documents, bitext files or translation memory files (TMX). To know more about SynchroTerm, please write to sales@terminotix.com.

The International Telecommunication Union opts for LogiTerm Web

The United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – assigned to Terminotix the task of integrating LogiTerm Web and AlignFactory solutions into its environment. The main purpose of integration is to enable ITU in-house translators to query bilingual archives from a Web interface no matter where they are. At first, AlignFactory was used to automatically align documents in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. Shortly thereafter, ITU was able to use high quality bitexts. The bitexts were then indexed into LogiTerm Web and ready to be queried. For more information on the Terminotix solution at ITU, contact sales@terminotix.com.

LogiTerm 3.2 – Support Termination

Please be reminded that Terminotix will end supporting LogiTerm 3.2 as of September 1st 2011. LogiTerm 3.2 users must migrate to version 5 before that date to keep receiving support. Clients with a valid support agreement who wish to migrate to version 5 must contact Terminotix (support@terminotix.com) in order to get their free LogiTerm 5 version. Clients whose support agreement ends shortly may renew their contract to get the latest version for free. For any question about your support contract or the LogiTerm 5 upgrade, please write to sales@terminotix.com.

AlignFactory, YouAlign and LogiTerm Updated

Terminotix alignment tool users can expect even higher quality alignment in coming updates. Terminotix has enhanced file filters and upgraded PDF alignment output. The new filters make it possible, among other things, to index Outlook emails in LogiTerm Full Text database.

About Terminotix

Founded by translation professionals over ten years ago, Terminotix Inc. is a company specializing in computer-aided translation (CAT). Terminotix aims to help linguistic services departments and translation firms boost the performance of coordinators, translators, editors and terminologists through effective CAT solutions. To know more about Terminotix, please write at sales@terminotix.com.

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