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Number 15, December 2011
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LinPort: translation materials packaging standard

In this age of globalization and phenomenal growth of the localization business, language professionals gather together to share their thoughts and to help drive the boom of our industry. This is how the practices to integrate knowledge and tools are born, and various projects are developed to enhance team collaboration.

One of these projects launched in 2011 is Linport, ''Language Interoperability Portfolio''. It aims to implement a vendor-independent structure and format for translation projects. This format should be compatible with multiple CAT tools and facilitate the acceptance and completion of translation and revision projects. It includes source and target files, administrative data and metadata, translation memories (bilingual and multilingual texts), as well as references (data and documents). Of course, the purpose of this project is to facilitate translation materials processed by CAT tools and to encourage collaboration between professionals.

Terminotix is proud to support this dynamic project, which will certainly bring about improvements for language professionals by increasing team collaboration opportunities and the size of their target market. Visit the Linport website to view the September 2011 Symposium presentations and to learn more about this fascinating project!

FREE Terminotix toolbar: launch queries in LogiTerm Web, WeBiText and Linguee from MS Word

In 2010, Terminotix developed a free toolbar to launch queries in Termium and TransSearch from MS Word. Terminotix now offers a new version of this toolbar to launch queries in LogiTerm Web, WeBiText and Linguee. (Please note that this new toolbar is only compatible with Word 2007-2010.) With this new version, you now have access to five databases directly from MS Word!

Here is a reminder of these great information resources accessible by a click of a mouse from the free toolbar:

To get your free MS Word toolbar, contact us at sales@terminotix.com and provide your contact information as well as your language preference. Indicate ''Toolbar'' in the ''Subject'' line of your email.

LogiTerm ranks first among language professionals

According to a recent survey conducted in April and May 2011 by the Language Technologies Research Centre (LTRC), LogiTerm is language professionals' preferred language technology. AnneMarie Taravella, Certified Translator (OTTIAQ), developed the survey questionnaire and provided the following definition for ''active'' language technologies: ''a tool that allows a user to generate linguistic information and modify it, or obtain a translation from modifiable sources''. The report revealed that 54% of respondents use at least one active language technology.

Among the technologies mentioned, LogiTerm, a software designed and marketed by Terminotix since 2000, is the tool most commonly used by language professionals (21%), followed by SDL Trados (18%) and MultiTerm (17%). ''We are pleased to see that our products and services are known for their quality, accessibility and functionalities which truly address the needs of language professionals'', says Jean-François Richard, President of Terminotix. ''We strive to understand the preferences of our target clients and to bring solutions that allow them to meet the challenges they face every day. There are no secrets: the quality and performance of our tools, as well as exceptional customer service, really set us apart as technology suppliers.''

The survey also indicates that bilingual and multilingual corpora, as well as online terminology databases, are used by only a third of respondents (34%). These reference tools include Linguee.fr, Reverso and WeBiText. WeBiText is a corpus comprising over ten million web pages from the Government of Canada. The interface is available in four languages, including French and English, allows users to search any website and to launch queries in 30 languages. ''These tools are not widely used yet. For Terminotix, the challenge is to present online multilingual corpora, such as TransSearch and WeBiText, to a greater number of translators, revisers and writers, and to demonstrate how these tools can increase their productivity and the quality of their work. We will soon launch a strategic plan targeting this market segment'', continues Mr. Richard.

The survey was conducted by the LTRC and CROP (Centre for research on public opinion), among 380 respondents, including 200 translators, revisers, terminologists and interpreters. You can view the full report here: http://linguistech.ca/display959.

SynchroTerm 2012: terminology extraction improved

The new version of SynchroTerm, a powerful bilingual terminology extraction software, is finally available!

In addition to a more user-friendly interface, SynchroTerm boasts several improvements:

Read the brochure to learn more about the many advantages and functionalities of SynchroTerm. Current license owners can get an upgrade. To purchase the software, visit the SynchroTerm web page or contact us at sales@terminotix.com.

Disappointed with your translation tool and customer service? You are not alone.

Your CAT tool may be infected with avian flu and you don't know what to do because your company invested a lot of time and money to buy a software that does not deliver?

Fortunately, you are not alone. Terminotix can propose a solution. Contact our sales team, and we will take the following steps to help you:

The Terminotix team is ready to work with you to find the ideal solution. Contact us today at sales@terminotix.com.

Exclusive agreement with the ATAMESL: 15% off for members

Terminotix concluded in agreement with the ATAMESL (Association des travailleurs autonomes et micro-entreprises en services linguistiques). Members of the Association can now benefit from a 15% rebate on the following tools: LogiTerm Pro, AlignFactory Light et SynchroTerm. These tools meet the very specific needs of small businesses and self-employed, independent workers who are members of this professional organization.

You haven’t heard of the ATAMESL before? Visit the Association's website (French only) to learn more about this dynamic organization that lobbies for language professionals' rights and offers a variety of interesting activities.

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