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The Newsletter LogiTerm
Number 17, April 2012
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TransSearch 3 – Beta version now available

TransSearch users can benefit from the many advantages of the new beta version. There are several new features, such as the identification of source and target expressions: TransSearch 3 highlights in context the "best" translations matching the query. Furthermore, TransSearch 3 provides statistics on query results.

Another great development is the improvement of user group management, which is more user-friendly and open. A user group manager can add, deactivate or delete group members and modify user information without the help of Terminotix.

TransSearch 3 also shows, in a color-coded display, which part of a search result segment is the source language.

You haven’t heard of TransSearch before? TransSearch is a bilingual concordancer available online, which offers solutions to a wide array of typical translation issues. Translators and professional writers can query multiple databases comprising over 450 million words in three languages (French, English and Spanish) to find an expression or segment. The document collections include texts from the International Labour Organization, the Canadian House of Commons and the Senate of Canada. For more information about this translation and writing tool, please visit this website: http://tsrali.com.

We forwarded to existing users the information required to activate the TransSearch 3 beta version. If you have not received your connection details, write us at tsrali@terminotix.com.

FlowFit : Terminotix now offers a full project management interface!

Always on the look-out for new resources and technologies to ease the work of language professionals and translation firms, Terminotix now offers an integration between the project management software, FlowFit, and LogiTerm.

FlowFit, a software designed by Consoltec and marketed by Terminotix, is a powerful tool to manage project resources, schedules, files and workflows. It lets you automate multiple repetitive tasks and processes, such as directory listing, versioning, email archiving, assignment of tasks (creating and optimizing workflows) and delivering documents to your clients. It also features a user-friendly interface and a separate online section for freelancers, a calendar with the look and feel of Outlook and a module to view statistics. FlowFit is the perfect project management tool for LogiTerm users!

To learn more about the many advantages and functionalities of FlowFit, visit Consoltec's website. For more information about the integration of FlowFit and LogiTerm, please contact us at sales@terminotix.com.

FREE Terminotix toolbar: new writing and automated translation resources available!

Terminotix has developed a free toolbar to launch contextual and terminology queries from MS Word in 13 different databases, such as Termium, IATE, the Grand dictionnaire terminologique (OQLF) and TransSearch. We continually update the toolbar to include new resources to help language professionals improve their productivity and the quality of their services. You don't have to be a Teminotix client to use the toolbar.

Here are the new writing assistance resources available from Terminotix toolbar:

You can also use the free Microsoft Bing machine translation API with the Terminotix toolbar: just select sentences and click on a button. To learn how to install the Microsoft Bing machine translation API, visit the following website: http://www.microsoft.com/web/post/using-the-free-bing-translation-apis.

To get your free MS Word toolbar, contact us at sales@terminotix.com and provide your contact information as well as your language preference. Indicate "Toolbar" in the "Subject" line of your email. Please note that this new toolbar is only compatible with Windows and Word 2007-2010.

LogiTerm now supports XLIFF files

LogiTerm users can now translate XLIFF files! The translation process of XLIFF files in LogiTerm is very similar to that of PowerPoint, Excel, HMTL or XML files, meaning that the translator still works in a MS Word table without being hindered by formatting codes.

XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) is a standardized file exchange format and a markup language used in localization projects. It separates the text to translate from its formatting to ease the work of translators. XLIFF was developed by a group of software companies as well as localization tools and services providers. It is intended to streamline localization tasks and processes in order to facilitate exchanges between translators, service providers and clients.

For more information about the XLIFF format, read the technical report published by OASIS.

The Computer toolbox for language professionals hits bullseye

Since February, the Computer toolbox for translators offered by Terminotix has been a resounding success and people are unanimous as one put it: "This training is very useful, if not essential to all translators". Many participants felt that this training should be part of the Translation Baccalaureate program because young people although very skilled with Twitter, Facebook, smart phones, etc. are often resourceless in a real work situation.

Please note that the training is only offered in French for now, but stay tuned for the English version. This training is intended mainly for translators (Terminotix clients or not) who work in a Windows environment. This is not a “Computers for Dummies” course on Windows, Internet or MS Word; you must be familiar with a computer environment to gain maximum benefits from this training session. The main purpose of this training is to provide computer tips, good Web addresses, useful applications and practical advice that every language professional should know.

This training has been created and is given by Marc-Olivier Giguère. Drawing from eight years of experience as the official Terminotix's products trainer, Marc-Olivier has a solid grasp of the technical side of the translation environment. With a diploma in Translation and one in Localization in hand, and before joining the ranks of Terminotix, Marc-Olivier has worked many years for the Translation Bureau in Ottawa and for SDL in England as a translator/revisor.

The date of the coming sessions in Montreal and Gatineau areas are not yet known, but as soon as they are, we will send you a global invitation by email. To find out more about the content of the training, please visit the following page: Computer toolbox for language professionals.

Upcoming events this spring!

Terminotix has been invited to JIAMCATT 2012, an event held on April 25-27 at the Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg. If you also attend this event, Jean-François Richard and Marc-Olivier Giguère will be pleased to meet you and answer any questions you may have about Terminotix products. To invite us to one of your events, contact us at sales@terminotix.com.

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