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The Newsletter LogiTerm
Number 21, April 2014
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Terminotix has moved

Terminotix headquarters are now located at 2053 Jeannne-d'Arc Avenue, Suite 401, Montreal.

LogiTerm still gaining ground

Unsatisfied with their computer-aided translation tools, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and Ernst & Young have chosen LogiTerm and AlignFactory as their new solution. Terminotix succeeded in offering a solution that really boosts these clients' productivity and efficiency. Even those not-too-computer-savvy persons were surprised to find themselves using LogiTerm with ease. To know more about how to migrate to LogiTerm, we invite you to write us at info@terminotix.com.

Success Stories

The head of translation department of the Treasury Board Secretariat recently stated that LogiTerm enabled its department to cut translation-related costs by 30%, which amounts to many thousands of dollars.

R.R. Donnelley acquires MultiCorpora

Announced on February 27th on NASDAQ website, this important news raised many questions:  "Does R.R. Donnelley intend to tackle the computer-aided translation tools market or does it just want to develop MultiCorpora's tools in order to serve its own needs?", "What will happen to MultiCorpora's clients?" Stay tuned for the sequel!

Coming events to which Terminotix will participate

LogiTerm and Outlook?

Terminotix is developping a pretranslation plugin that integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook. That plugin will enable clients to save translation files attached to the email, create a folder based on the requester's name and launch a LogiTerm pretranslation on the translation files using the right bitexts, all this with just one click! This plugin will soon be available. To get more information about the plugin, please read the white paper.

Appealing offer for small language service providers (LSP)

Terminotix has put together an interesting package for small LSPs. This offers is comprised of a LogiTerm Web corporate version with three full licenses and five licenses for a read-only access for remote employees. This package is offered for the modest sum of $2,800. If interested, we invite you to write us at sales@terminotix.com.

Tips and Tricks

Many LogiTerm clients still ignore that bitexts files have been used as proofreading mediums since the beginning. As an example, you would certainly agree that it is much easier to proofread two PowerPoint or Excel documents on the same sheet to spot discrepancies in dates or figures, or omissions! If you want to create a bitext as a proofreading tool, we recommend that you select, in the bitexts creation window, the HTML format, no LogiTerm tags and a paragraph-based segmentation. Once the bitext is created, it is easier to print it from MS Word rather than from a Web browser. Once printed, you can delete the bitext as it should not be used for something else. If you want to proofread only the translated part of a long document, say the first 10 pages out of 100, you can check the Apply filtering option in the bitexts creation windows and activate the Reject if both sides are the same option in the segment filtering window. You will then end up with a bitext containing 10 pages instead of a 100!

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