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Number 22, August 2014
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Terminotix Plug-In for SDL Trados Studio

Launch external concordance searches on your favorite online resources directly from SDL Trados Studio! LogiTerm, Termium, Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique, OnTerm, UnTerm, IATE, WTO, FAOTERM, Terminav, Collins, Larousse, Microsoft Language Portal, LEO, Dict.cc, Termite, Kamusi, TransSearch 3, WeBiText, Linguee, CAEN, OED, MLP, Glosbe, Dictionnaires des cooccurrences, Clefs du français pratiques, ConjugArt, Synonym Dictionary, Online Etymology Dictionary, Microsoft Bing and Portage!

The plugin is sold for $95. If interested, we invite you to contact us at: sales@terminotix.com. We offer special prices for groups. To download the plugin, please access the Terminotix SDL Translationzone page.

An offer students can't ignore!

Terminotix is now offering students (upon proven student record) LogiTerm Pro, AlignFactory Light or SynchroTerm for only $95! Never have Terminotix products been so accessible!

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, we invite you to contact us at sales@terminotix.com and provide us with your student record number and the name of your university.

The gc.ca corpus is now offered with Portage

The gc.ca corpus, comprised of English and French documents taken from Government of Canada websites, is now offered with Portage. Portage Portage is a “statistical machine learning” translation program that improves its translating accuracy the more it’s used. It uses pre-existing bodies of documents produced by professional translators, along with statistical probability matching, in an effort to produce draft translations. Terminotix offers an integration of Portage with LogiTerm, MS Word, SDL Trados Studio and also via a SOAP-type Web Service API that can be integrated with any tool.

The Portage system was developed by the National Research Council of Canada. Portage has come near or at the very top in international competitions. To get a 30-day trial or to know moore about Portage, please write us at sales@terminotix.com or download the Portage factsheet.

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LogiTerm Tips and Tricks

Terminotix is internationally renowned as the leader in document alignment technology, and the LogiTerm Align Text Portions function is a good example of Terminotix technology. This function enables you to create bitexts with no documents! If you find interesting text portions in more than one language (it can be in Outlook, Internet or any document) and you want to create a bitext with these, simply select Bitexts => Align Text Portions. Once the window is open, select the source language text portion, and drag and drop it into the box. Do the same thing with the target language text portion and click Go. Ta-da! You've got a bitext! You can add more text portions to any bitext you have with the Join to an existing bitext option in the Align Text Portions window. You can create a bitext comprised of many useful text portions that you can then use in pretranslation.

LogiTerm  5.5 now out

After a long wait, Terminotix officially launches LogiTerm 5.5. This is not an update but an upgrade since there are major changes compare to the 5.2 version. All changes are listed under Help => Main Menu in LogiTerm 5.5. To get the new version, please write us at ventes@terminotix.com. To know more about LogiTerm, please visit the LogiTerm webpage.

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