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The Newsletter LogiTerm
Number 24, February 2015
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Terminotix – SDL Partnership

Terminotix is proud to announce that it is now a reseller of the SDL products for the east part of Canada. Terminotix can also help you install SDL Studio.

As stated in our last newsletter, Terminotix has developped a Terminotix SDL plugin that enables you to launch queries from the SDL translation editor to your concordancer and also to your favorite online tools with one press of a button. The plugin is sold for $95 CAN.

To buy the plugin or any SDL products, please write us at sales@terminotix.com. We offer group rates. To download the plugin or to get more details, please visit the following page Terminotix plugin for SDL Studio.

New features in LogiTerm 5.5.3

The 5.5.3 update not only offers a more stable version of the LogiTrans Matches tool but also new options like the possibility to skip non highlighted sentences in the LT.docx document. Also, you can view terminology equivalents directly into the LogiTrans Matches tool using the unilingual markup option. Browsing through sentences is now done using internal bookmarks.

We invite all of our clients to write us in order to get the last LogiTerm update.

LogiTerm Tips

Did you know that you can easily give freelancers a customized glossary created from your terminology database and based on a given document, even though they do not have LogiTerm? In the pretranslation options, you can check the Create Job Glossary option and choose the Unilingual markup. LogiTerm will then color in blue, in the document, all terms found in your terminology database and will also create a MS Word table containing only the records found in the document. Let us remind you that if the freelancer does not have LgoiTerm but has the LogiTerm toolbar (sold separately), you can send him the LT.docx and LT.xml files only. Since the LT.xml contains all terminology equivalents relevant to the pretranslated document, on top of the matches found in the bitext database, you will not have to create a job glossary separately.

New SynchroTerm version

If you already have a unilingual list of terms for which you want the equivalents contained in a mass of translated documents, SynchroTerm now offers a specialized function called Restrictive Terminology. You only have to select documents from which you want to extract terminology and import the unilingual list. SynchroTerm will then extract the terms and their equivalents found in your list only.

Moreover, SynchroTerm now supports SDL XLIFF files.

Coming events to which Terminotix will participate

JIAMCATT - From April 8th to 10th 2015, United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Come and see us at the Termminotix booth, on April 9th only, in room Landmark View at the ONE UN New York, located two steps away from the UN Headquarters.

The student offer is still on!

For the sake of accessibility, Terminotix still offers LogiTerm Pro, SynchroTerm and AlignFactory Light to students for $95 CAN each. This price includes updates, upgrades and technical support for one year.

Email us at sales@terminotix.com to get any or all of these programs, taking care to include your student number and your university.

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