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Issue 27, July 2016

New in LogiTerm 5.6

Coming soon in LogiTerm 5.7

Terminotix launches BridgeTerm, a translation workflow solution

Translation management, or workflow, solutions are extremely useful tools. In fact, many language professionals would have trouble living without one! But most of these products are overly complex and have more features than users actually want. Following analysis of our clients’ requirements, Terminotix decided to create BridgeTerm, a lightweight, user-friendly management solution that is nearly configuration-free. By connecting LogiTerm and Outlook, BridgeTerm lets you automate every step of the translation management process, from receiving a document by email to delivering the final product. BridgeTerm will be included with the installation of LogiTerm 5.7 for a limited time. You can also request a free trial to see whether this solution is right for you. Simply send us a message at info@terminotix.com.

LogiTerm integration in IntelliWebSearch

LogiTerm and IntelliWebSearch users will be pleased to learn that you can now search LogiTerm using IntelliWebSearch, an ultra-practical tool that lets you search for terms in all your favourite resources by pressing a convenient keyboard shortcut. To learn more about IntelliWebSearch, go to www.intelliwebsearch.com. Please note that Terminotix does not offer support for IntelliWebSearch and is not affiliated with it in any way.

A success story

Terminotix is proud to have the Desjardins Group as one of our new clients. Unhappy with its previous CAT solution, Desjardins asked us to overhaul its translation environment. We equipped its translators with LogiTerm Web and AlignFactory, performed a complete realignment of its translation archives and converted its terminology records for use in LogiTerm. Desjardins’ team is very satisfied with Terminotix’s service, not to mention the comprehensive CAT solution we provided. LogiTerm Web helps Desjardins work with external collaborators and manage terminology more efficiently. For more information on our solutions and how they can be implemented in your workplace, write to us at info@terminotix.com.

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