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Issue 29, March 2017

Discount on Terminotix products for OTTIAQ members

Terminotix and OTTIAQ have entered into a partnership agreement that entitles OTTIAQ members to a 15% discount on the purchase of the following products: LogiTerm Pro, AlignFactory Light, SynchroTerm Pro, BridgeTerm Pro.

To take advantage of this offer, please email us at sales@terminotix.com. Indicate which program you wish to purchase and provide your valid OTTIAQ member number to obtain the 15% discount. Please note that this discount cannot be applied to purchases made via our website and is not valid for support contracts.

Terminotix acquires Transflow which becomes BridgeTerm Web

Terminotix recently acquired Transflow, a translation management software program designed specifically for translation agencies and language services departments. The Transflow name has now been changed to BridgeTerm Web.

BridgeTerm Web is a centralized web platform that allows users to assign and manage tasks, coordinate personnel, create productivity reports, generate custom invoices and much more. More information is available on our website: terminotix.com.

New in BridgeTerm Pro

The latest version of BridgeTerm Pro offers a multi-user mode that gives translators, coordinators and revisers simultaneous access to the full details of translation projects. This saves you from having to send out emails notifying collaborators of changes to a project. To try it out, email us at info@terminotix.com.

Upcoming Events

Terminotix will be at the following events:

Terminotix APIs: Worth their weight in gold!

Want to plug a specific Terminotix product function into non-Terminotix software? You're in luck! Terminotix offers a wide range of .NET and SOAP linguistic APIs to boost the efficiency of the translation process. With Terminotix APIs, you can utilize our superior document alignment function, extract terminology from your documents, automate pretranslation and word count processes, and much more. For more information, email us at info@terminotix.com.

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