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Issue 34, October 2020

WeBiSearch : The next generation of concordancer

We are proud to announce the launch of WeBiSearch, a new online bilingual search tool. With WeBiSearch, the entire web becomes your bilingual dictionary. Simply choose the website you wish to search within from our list or enter a URL of your choice. All you need is an Internet connection!


It’s easy to search with WeBiSearch: simply choose your language pair, select a website from the list or enter a URL, type in a term or phrase, and click Search.

Results are shown in table format, with links to source-language pages containing the search term on the left and links to the corresponding target-language pages on the right.

12 languages are available: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Czech, Vietnamese and Inuktitut.

Try it out—it’s free!     WeBiSearch.com

Have ideas for sites or languages you’d like us to add? Write to us at sales@terminotix.com.

LogiTerm 6.0 is now available

With many new features and improvements:

A full-service computer-assisted translation solution, LogiTerm offers document alignment, search, pretranslation and term extraction. Learn more about LogiTerm products.

BridgeTerm Web 5.6 is now available

With many new features and improvements:

BridgeTerm Web is a translation workflow management system that cuts down on the time translation coordinators spend preparing requests. Learn more about BridgeTerm Web.

AlignFactory licence changes

AlignFactory alignment software is now available in two distinct versions: AlignFactory Desktop and AlignFactory Robot.

The AlignFactory Robot licence, intended for server installation, is designed to automate bitext creation, while AlignFactory Desktop is designed to help language professionals with day-to-day alignment tasks.

AlignFactory Desktop replaces AlignFactory Light. New functions include:

Get more information on AlignFactory products.

Website alignment service

Terminotix now offers a website alignment service, which can be complemented by our term extraction service. Conducted using WeBiSearch, AlignFactory, LogiTerm Web and SynchroTerm software, the service includes several validation steps to ensure the best possible results.

Website alignment facilitates a number of related tasks, including:

For more information or to obtain an estimate, contact us at sales@terminotix.com.

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