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Portage is a statistics-based software system that yields far better results than earlier attempts to automate the highly nuanced art of translation. Portage is a "statistical learning translation" program that improves its translating accuracy the more itís used.

Statistical machine translation systems use pre-existing bodies of documents produced by professional translators, along with statistical probability matching, in an effort to produce draft translations. By continually feeding completed translations by professional translators back in, the knowledge base grows, increasing the probability of higher-quality output in the future. In essence the system does not translate; rather, it predicts a potential translation based on the input of previously translated and revised work done by humans.

The Portage system is one of the initiatives of Roadmap for Linguistic Duality of the Government of Canada and was developed by the National Research Council. Portage is the outcome of a research to create a robust and adaptable system built on machine learning techniques. In international competitions, Portage has come out near the very top. Portage is directly accessible through the Terminotix Toolbar in MS-Word and is directly integrated into LogiTerm, Terminotix translation software. Portage also offers a SOAP interface allowing integration with any translation memory or with any other platform.
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