A comprehensive software suite to meet your needs or complement your existing toolset.

Alignment Tools

The most powerful automated alignment tool on the market. Complements your existing TM and full-text search software. More Info



A search engine for terminology, bitexts and archives. Also includes translation, terminology, data conversion and alignment tools. More Info


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Powerful and Easy Translation Project Management Software

BridgeTerm comes in two versions: BridgeTerm Pro and BridgeTerm Web. BridgeTerm Pro was developed with a precise goal in mind: to streamline every step of the translation management process, from receiving a request by email to delivering the final product. BridgeTerm Pro is very lightweight. BridgeTerm Web on the other hand is a web-based platform specifically aimed at translation agencies and linguistic departments. Please click on product logos below to know more about each version of LogiTerm or to buy.

BridgeTerm Pro

BridgeTerm Web

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