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What is BridgeTerm Pro?

BridgeTerm Pro is a lightweight translation management system that serves as a bridge between LogiTerm and Outlook. BridgeTerm Pro was developed with a precise goal in mind: to streamline every step of the translation management process, from receiving a request by email to delivering the final product. With BridgeTerm Pro, there is no need to save attachments manually, run pretranslation in the LogiTerm, or prepare confirmation emails for clients: The solution automates all this and more, saving you a considerable of time and effort.

With BridgeTerm Pro, you can:

  • Create tasks and assign them to various collaborators;
  • Import pretranslation settings from LogiTerm to create presets;
  • Send confirmation emails and completed translation automatically;
  • Liaise with remote personnel;
  • Share automated estimates with clients;
  • Create custom invoices;
  • Generate performance reports, and;
  • Process a wide range of file formats.

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To try BridgeTerm Pro, please write us at sales@terminotix.com.

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