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LogiTerm Web

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What is LogiTerm Web?

LogiTerm Web features a user-friendly Web interface that provides access to four databases: Terminology, Bitexts, Full Text and Reference. Terminology records for the Terminology database can be created, modified and viewed in the Web interface or Microsoft Word. The Bitexts database displays previous translations aligned with the source texts, side by side. Searching the Full Text database is like searching the Internet, i.e., LogiTerm Web searches all unilingual archives regardless of language. The Reference database is used to store client instructions, internal procedures, employee contact information and other useful information. LogiTerm Web also features a comprehensive set of translation utilities, such as term extraction, repeated sentence analysis, glossary creation, domain analysis, sentence and terminology pretranslation, document alignment, deformatting, and translation memory file import and export.
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LogiTerm Web terminology search result

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LogiTerm Web architecture

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