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Includes one year support, updates and upgrades.
Price subject to change without prior notice.



What is AlignFactory?

AlignFactory is the result of 15 years of R&D. It will automate your document alignment process and dramatically speed up the verification of segments. AlignFactory can produce alignments in TMX format, complete with TM administration attributes such as client, domain and project. AlignFactory can also generate LogiTerm bitexts, as well as HTML without the language tags. The superior quality of AlignFactory alignments, due in part to powerful segment filtering capabilities, means less time wasted on fixing alignment errors.

Automatic Website Alignment

Want to fill your translation memory with translated content from a multilingual website? With AlignFactory, all it takes is a few clicks. Simply enter site’s main URL, set a few parameters, indicate where you want to download files and go. Once the files downloaded, you need to launch the alignment on all the files.

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