A comprehensive software suite to meet your needs or complement your existing toolset.

Alignment Tools

The most powerful automated alignment tool on the market. Complements your existing TM and full-text search software. More Info



A search engine for terminology, bitexts and archives. Also includes translation, terminology, data conversion and alignment tools. More Info


Our Services

At Terminotix, we do much more than sell software. We provide our clients with a host of services designed to help them make the most of the tools we have created. Subscribing to these services lets you tap into our extensive knowledge of the translation profession and of computer-assisted translation.

Here's a list of our services:

Alignment, Validation and Conversion to TM format (translation memory)
Using your bilingual archives, we can create bitexts to augment the documentary information you can exploit with your translation memory software.

Basic Training
“Getting Started” with our help.

Creating Glossaries and Bitexts
Using your bilingual archives, we can create glossaries and bitexts to augment the terminology and documentary information you can exploit with LogiTerm.

Data Conversion
Migrating your terminology or other electronic documents can get tricky. Take advantage of our extensive experience in converting data so you can quickly get directly exploitable results that meet your needs.

Data Entry
If you would like to use LogiTerm to make better use of terminology and other documents that exist only in paper copies, we can scan them and integrate them into your LogiTerm configuration.

Installation * (Corporate Editions)
A highly qualified member of our technical staff will not only install the software, but will also create bitexts of existing archives, define your databases and their indexing.

Power-user Training
In addition to the basic training, we also offer more advanced training adapted to how you do your work in your organization.

Technical Advice
Given our thorough knowledge of our software and our experience in using it in a demanding environment, we can help you to make the best use of it. If you need assistance in determining how to optimize your configuration of these tools or in redesigning your work methods and organization of electronic archives, our advice could save you from taking a trial and error approach.

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