BridgeTerm Pro
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Translation workflow management software for language services teams and freelancers

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BridgeTerm Pro is an ultra-lightweight translation workflow management software that helps self-employed translators and small translation companies eliminate repetitive tasks throughout the translation process, from receiving attachments in Outlook to delivering final documents.

BridgeTerm Pro Interface

BridgeTerm Pro serves as a bridge between Outlook and LogiTerm. When you receive a project by email, simply click on Create Project in BridgeTerm Pro, and the software will automatically:

  1. create a project and assign it a project number,
  2. identify the sender,
  3. select the LogiTerm pretranslation settings for the client,
  4. apply the appropriate rates for the client (if applicable),
  5. ignore unwanted attachments,
  6. save attachments in the appropriate folders,
  7. launch pretranslation in LogiTerm,
  8. display pretranslation statistics in the BridgeTerm Pro interface,
  9. email the project data to the client.


  • Automatic document archiving. BridgeTerm Pro automatically sorts and archives your documents when you create a project, import files or deliver documents.
  • Four email templates. Don’t waste any more time drafting the same emails over and over. BridgeTerm Pro is equipped with email templates for acknowledgement of receipt, quote, delivery and task assignment messages.
  • BridgeTerm Pro can automatically calculate translation and revision rates by hour or by word using specialized word count data (exact matches, near matches, fuzzy matches and new segments).
  • Easily export data to Excel to calculate output per employee or client, total costs per employee or client over a given period, and more.
  • Sort through projects with simple and advanced filtering by client, sender, status, delivery date and much more.
  • See an overview of all ongoing tasks and who is assigned to them.
  • Automatically clean up text and rename LT.docx files when it’s time to deliver.
  • Automatically generate invoices with match percentage rates.
  • Manage your collaborators’ schedules in order to quickly assign work.
  • BridgeTerm Pro can be installed in single- or multi-workstation versions.
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