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BridgeTerm Web
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Online translation workflow platform

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BridgeTerm Web is a translation workflow platform that helps translation team coordinators greatly reduce the time spent preparing translation requests. It also accelerates the process of assigning work to in-house and freelance translators.

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    BridgeTerm Web Interface
  • BridgeTerm Web runs on an online interface, requiring no installation on your workstations. You can host BridgeTerm Web data on your Internet server, or have it hosted on Terminotix’s servers.
  • Requesters and clients, whether internal or external, can use BridgeTerm Web’s secure online portal to submit documents for translation. BridgeTerm Web uses single sign-on technology so that requesters within your organization don’t have to log in every time they want to submit a request to the translation department. BridgeTerm Web automatically includes the requester’s contact information with every request.
  • Automatic email notifications. As soon as you assign a task to a collaborator, he or she will receive an email with the details of the request.
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    Assigning Tasks to Collaborators
  • Easy management of internal and external collaborator workloads. When you assign a project, BridgeTerm Web will automatically tell you how quickly this person will be able to deliver the work. You can also view the workloads of all your employees and collaborators and assign work accordingly.
  • Collaborator production parameters. Enter each collaborator’s speed and rates for translation, revision, proofreading and other tasks to calculate deadlines and production costs.
  • Collaborator filtering options for project assignment. BridgeTerm features options for filtering your collaborators by working language, task type, accuracy score, working group, etc.
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    Productivity Report Generation
  • Detailed report generation. BridgeTerm Web’s Reports section offers a multitude of options for generating custom reports detailing the productivity of your employees over a specific date range, the number of words translated per client or cost centre, and more.
  • Invoice Generation and Tracking. BridgeTerm Web allows you to create invoices automatically based on preset rates or prices, and to send them to your clients directly from the platform. The Invoicing section allows you to track invoices to be sent, approved or put on standby.
  • Easily sort requests by date received, deadline, project number, client, requester, word count, collaborator and more.
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    Workload Calendar
  • Integrated LogiTerm pretranslation engine. As soon as you receive a translation request, the platform will automatically generate a LogiTerm pretranslation of each document using your modules for the requester or client. You will then be able to access the resulting pretranslation statistics and LogiTerm files directly from the BridgeTerm Web interface.
  • Automatic notifications for late requests and projects to deliver during the day.
  • Access management. BridgeTerm Web allows you to personalize your users’ access privileges to various sections of the interface.
  • Email templates. Save time with BridgeTerm Web’s email templates, which spare you from having to prepare acknowledgement of receipt, quote and feedback emails over and over again.
  • Detailed workflow dashboard. In a single glance, see how many documents are active and what stage each one is at: receipt, assignment, production, delivery, approval or billing.
  • Automatic file renaming. BridgeTerm Web can modify file names upon receipt or delivery by automatically inserting the following variables: request number, client code, source/target language code or reference number.
  • Most windows in BridgeTerm Web are customizable.
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