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LogiTerm Web integration with FlowFit

With the LogiTrans API from Terminotix, automate pretranslation, analysis and reference document matches for your LogiTerm Web translation projects directly in FlowFit.

Automated processes

  • Automatically create LogiTrans pretranslation projects (LT.XML) in FlowFit.
  • Automatically feed your LogiTerm bitext databases from the FlowFit interface.
  • When a translation is finished, use FlowFit’s archiving options to create a bitext with AlignFactory Robot and update your LogiTerm Web bitext modules automatically.
  • Link clients in FlowFit to their bitext modules in LogiTerm.

Centralized project management

  • Re-launch pretranslation on request and access LogiTerm pretranslation settings in FlowFit’s user-friendly interface.
  • Quickly evaluate the workload required for a project without leaving FlowFit.
  • Use FlowFit’s profitability reporting to calculate the productivity gain generated by pretranslating with LogiTerm.

Save time and money

  • Access everything coordinators need in FlowFit’s user-friendly interface.
  • Automate LogiTerm Web project management in FlowFit.
  • Take advantage of FlowFit’s financial tools, like project cost calculation based on percentage matches.
  • Benefit from the integration of two trusted products that meet your language service needs: FlowFit and LogiTerm Web.
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