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Number 12, April 2011
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WeBiText now part of Terminotix arsenal

Drawing on its strong experience with TransSearch [ http://tsrali.com ], Terminotix is proud to announce that, as of today, we will support the maintenance and marketing of WeBiText [ http://www.webitext.com ]. WeBiText is a perfect fit in Terminotix’s vision: offering tools specifically geared to serve the real needs of language professionals.

In the October 2010 newsletter, we provided information about concordancers: online tools that enable language industry professionals to search and access texts in bilingual corpora. One of the tools we discussed was WeBiText, a corpus comprised of more than 10 million pairs of pages extracted from financial, legal, health and general information websites. Every day, WeBiText receives 10,000 queries, which undeniably shows that the tool is gaining massive popularity among language professionals.

WeBiText in details:

SynchroTerm 2011 Released on April 18th

Terminotix is once again proud to announce the official release of the latest version of SynchroTerm, a powerful bilingual term extraction tool.

New features:

LogiTerm 3.2 — End of support

Terminotix announces that it will no longer be supporting LogiTerm 3.2 as of September 1st 2011 since the LogiTermPro 5 and LogiTerm Web 5 were officially launched a few months ago. LogiTerm 3.2 users must migrate to version 5 before that date to keep receiving support. Clients with a valid support agreement who wish to migrate to version 5 must contact Terminotix (support@terminotix.com) in order to get their free LogiTerm 5 version. Clients whose support agreement ends shortly may renew their contract to get the latest version for free.

Should you have any questions on your support aggrement or on LogiTerm 5 migration, please write to sales@terminotix.com.

Linguapharm opts for Terminotix

Linguapharm has chosen Terminotix to implement an integrated solution featuring LogiTermPro, AlignFactory and SynchroTerm.

As a first step of the implementation, AlignFactory was used to automatically create bitexts from the source documents ready to be used by LogiTermPro. LogiTermPro is the comprehensive main tool used by translators to search in bitexts and terminology records. Among other things, Linguapharm uses it to pretranslate documents that are sent to freelancers. Freelancers do not need to use LogiTerm since pretranslated documents are created in Word format documents with no hidden code or tagging. As for SynchroTerm, it is used to automatically create terminology records in bulk.

Founded in 1995, Linguapharm Inc. offers translation and revision services for medical and pharmaceutical companies. According to Suzie Côté, President of Linguapharm, no other translation and terminology software offer a better quality-price ratio than Terminotix tools.

To learn more about the implementation of Terminotix products at Linguapharm, please contact us at sales@terminotix.com.

Coming Event

Terminotix has been invited to the JIAMCATT 2011 [ http://jiamcatt.org ], an event that will be held on April 27-29 in Torino (Italy). If you are registered for this event, Jean-François Richard and Marc-Olivier Giguère will be pleased to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

To know more about Terminotix activities or to invite us to one of your events, contact us at sales@terminotix.com.

About Terminotix

Founded by translation professionals over ten years ago, Terminotix Inc. is a company specializing in computer-aided translation (CAT). Terminotix aims to help linguistic services departments and translation firms boost the performance of coordinators, translators, editors and terminologists through effective CAT solutions. To know more about Terminotix, please write at sales@terminotix.com.

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