LogiTerm Newsletter
Issue 28, November 2016

LogiTerm 5.7 now available

This new version of LogiTerm offers several new features, including:

  1. The Translation Spotting search option, which highlights the target-language equivalents of your search queries in the Bitexts database.
  2. The search results priority option has been improved and now offers three choices:
    • Most Recent Segment
    • Number of Occurrences
    • Whole Segment
  3. Access to over 40 external search engines (up from six).
  4. [LogiTerm Web only] The ability to fill in several fields automatically (based on your settings) when you click on the Create terminology record from segment icon in the Bitexts database.
  5. The ability to search the Full Text database in one of two ways: by document or by segment. This means that you can now identify documents in which your search term occurs most frequently, something that wasn't possible when the program searched within segments only, rather than within entire documents.
  6. The ability to convert LogiTrans LT.xml project files to TMX translation memory format. This feature creates an easy way to give external resources who use SDL Trados Studio or another TMX-based solution access to project-specific LogiTrans pretranslation matches.
  7. The ability to access BridgeTerm Pro from the LogiTerm Tools menu. BridgeTerm Pro is a new translation request management system developed by Terminotix.

To obtain the newest version of LogiTerm, please write to support@terminotix.com.

AlignFactory 3.0 Beta now available

This new version of AlignFactory offers a much-anticipated feature for the translation industry: automatic website alignment. This means that you can now download and align all the pages from a multilingual website in just a few clicks. Imagine the possibilities! Interested in testing this new feature? Simply write to us at info@terminotix.com.

New in BridgeTerm

The new version of BridgeTerm Pro offers a multi-user mode that allows translators, coordinators and revisers to simultaneously access the full details of each translation project in the system. With this feature, you'll no longer have to email translators to inform them of changes to a project. To try it, please write to info@terminotix.com.

Upcoming event

Terminotix will be at the OTTIAQ Annual Conference in Montreal, November 18th & 19th, 2016.

Terminotix now SDL-certified

Terminotix now offers SDL-certified training, installation, integration and migration services. In addition to providing these services throughout Canada, Terminotix is also an added-value reseller of SDL products.

SDL clients who buy Terminotix services will receive the paid version of the Terminotix plugin for SDL Trados Studio free of charge. This popular plugin enables SDL users to launch simultaneous queries of their favorite online resources such as Termium, TransSearch, Linguee, etc., directly from SDL Trados Studio. To know more about Terminotix services, please write to info@terminotix.com.

Success story

Terminotix is proud to include the Hudson's Bay Company among its new clients. HBC's translation environment is a shining example of the interoperability between Terminotix and SDL products. HBC currently uses:

This system provides HBC with all the benefits of SDL-Terminotix integration. To learn more about integrating Terminotix and SDL products, please write to us at info@terminotix.com.

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