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Issue 35, February 2022

Translate faster than ever with the Terminotix plugin for Windows

The Terminotix plugin for Windows is a powerful tool that combines bilingual concordance search, full text search, terminology search, and neural machine translation. It lets you find and insert translation and terminology matches at the touch of a button.

The plugin is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. To launch a search from any Windows application (Word, Adobe, PowerPoint, Chrome, Edge, Trados, InDesign, etc.), simply press the left Ctrl key twice. The plugin window will appear, showing the matches found in the sources you have configured.

Available resources (access privileges permitting):

  1. NMT engines such as Systran, DeepL, ModernMT, TradooIT, Alexa Translations A.I., and Microsoft Translator. The plugin can display suggestions from up to six NMT engines at the same time;
  2. Concordance matches from your bitext, full text, terminology, and reference databases;
  3. The free WeBiSearch tool;
  4. TransSearch, the Canadian Hansard bitext database (paid subscription).

Use the tabs at the top of the window to see multiple results.

Once you have found what you are looking for and finished post-editing, reinsert the translation directly into the application you’re working in at the click of a button, or using a keyboard shortcut. It is also possible to insert a portion of the result by simply highlighting the relevant words.

The Terminotix plugin for Windows is compatible with LogiTerm Web (in-house and remote), LogiTerm Pro, TransSearch, WeBiSearch, Systran, DeepL, TradooIT NMT, Alexa Translations A.I. ModernMT, and Microsoft Translator.

LogiTerm 6.1 is now available

Version 6.1 offers the following updates and new features:

LogiTerm is a full-scale computer-aided translation solution. It is the only tool that can align documents in any format, perform context-based searches within bilingual and unilingual documents, pretranslate your projects, and extract terminology. Learn more about LogiTerm products.

BridgeTerm Web 5.7 is now available

BridgeTerm Web version 5.7 features the following updates and enhancements:

BridgeTerm Web is a translation workflow system that helps language services departments substantially reduce time spent preparing requests and accelerates the assignment of projects to both in-house and freelance translators. Learn more about BridgeTerm Web.

Improvements in AlignFactory version 4.0

Version 4.0.1 offers the following updates and new features:

AlignFactory is the world’s premier software for aligning multilingual documents. Get more information on AlignFactory products.

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