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Issue 36, September 2022

LogiTerm update: Excel processing, Traditional Chinese compatibility, and new search engines

Version 6.1.3 of our flagship LogiTerm software is now available. This new version integrates the following features:

LogiTerm is a full-scale computer-aided translation solution. It is the only tool that can align documents in any format, perform context-based searches within bilingual and unilingual documents, pretranslate projects, and extract terminology. Learn more about LogiTerm products.

Contact support@terminotix.com to obtain the update with a valid support contract.

New in SynchroTerm: DeepL compatibility and Japanese

New features in SynchroTerm version 2022, build 5 include:

SynchroTerm is the world’s premier term extraction tool. It accelerates the process of extracting terminology and creating term records by employing statistical algorithms to automatically identify equivalent terms and extract them in any format. Learn more about SynchroTerm.

Contact support@terminotix.com to get the latest version of SynchroTerm with a valid support contract.

Updates to the Terminotix Plugin for Windows: Customizable insertion settings and memoQ improvements

We have made the following improvements to the latest version (build 25) of the plugin:

The Terminotix Plugin for Windows is a revolutionary tool that instantly shows results from bitexts, terminology and NMT engines. It then lets users insert matches at the touch of a button. It is compatible with almost any application in Windows: Microsoft Office, web browsers, translation memory software, desktop publishing software, and more.

Contact support@terminotix.com to obtain the update with a valid LogiTerm Pro support contract, or sales@terminotix.com to purchase the plugin as a standalone product.

New in AlignFactory 4.0.2: Quality score and enhanced speed

This new version of AlignFactory offers the following improvements:

AlignFactory is a powerful tool for aligning multilingual documents. Learn more about AlignFactory products.

Contact support@terminotix.com to download the update with a valid support contract.

BridgeTerm Web update: Smart features and easier browsing

BridgeTerm Web 5.8.0 is now available. This new version boasts the following features:

Learn more about BridgeTerm Web.

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