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The Newsletter LogiTerm
Number 9, July 2010

Change of guard at Terminotix

After 15 years at the head of Terminotix, Micheline M. Cloutier, chair of the executive committee, and Gilles Gamas, administrator, have turned the company over to Jean-François Richard, who is now president. “The devolution of powers will assure the continuation of the very high quality customer service and the development of future projects”, says Micheline M. Cloutier.

Jean-François Richard joined Terminotix in September 2006, first as the sales manager and then was appointed acting president in June 2008. “We inherit a very healthy company, a dedicated and competent team and very satisfied customers. Terminotix solutions can be found in more than 40 countries and their reliability is well established”, states the president.

With a diploma in automated manufacturing, Jean-François Richard has been working in the computer-assisted translation industry for the past 20 years. Many working experiences have given him the expertise in the following fields: translation memory systems, term extraction technology, terminology management, machine translation, bitext and full text search engine and workflow systems. He is also the designer of SynchroTerm, a powerful term extraction tool developed to feed different terminology databases from translated documents.

Founded by translation professionals in 1996, Terminotix is a company specializing in computer-aided translation (CAT). Terminotix aims to help linguistic services departments and translation firms boost the performance of coordinators, translators, editors and terminologists through effective CAT solutions.

Today, Terminotix works closely with demanding, high profile clients, such as the General Assembly of the United Nations, KPMG, Statistics Canada, Canada Post, Costco, IKEA, Standard Life, Environment Canada, the Bank of Canada, Radio-Canada and Hydro-Québec, among others.

Terminotix offers the following solutions:

LogiTermWeb (Corporate) – A complete computer-aided translation solution. Includes a Web-based search engine and pretranslation, terminology extraction, data conversion, document alignment and many more functions. We are more than satisfied to have chosen the fantastic team of Terminotix! LogiTermWeb is an easy and intuitive tool that reaches beyond our expectations – Hydro-Québec. “LogiTermWeb is a very efficient, user-friendly application that really helps translators and revisers do their job.  – Radio-Canada. Learn more

LogiTermPro (Freelancers) – A complete computer-aided translation solution. Learn more

AlignFactory – The most powerful automated alignment tool on the market. Complements your existing TM and full-text search software. A very high quality of alignment in a blink of an eye! – Standard Life. Learn more

YouAlign – A free online document alignment engine. No software to install. youalign.com

SynchroTerm – A powerful bilingual term extraction tool to easily extract terminology and create records from bilingual corpora.  User-friendly, SynchroTerm pays off and gets the job done. Thanks to SynchroTerm, our terminology databases are quickly updated and everybody is taking advantage of it. – Communications Transcript. Learn more

TransSearch – An online trilingual concordance service comprised of more than 450 millions of words. tsrali.com

For more information on our products, please write us at sales@terminotix.com or visit terminotix.com.

Our headquarters are now located in Montréal

2053 Jeanne-d'Arc Ave, Suite 401
Montréal, Québec, Canada H1W 3Z4
T. +1 514 989-9465
F. +1 514 932-1329

picture of our building
terminotix.com  Tél. : (514) 989-9465

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