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Issue 30, July 2017

Upcoming in LogiTerm 5.8

New features will be released this summer with LogiTerm 5.8:

New in Portage 3.0

Advanced new components such as deep attributes, variable-granularity language models and neural network joint models (NNJM) help Portage 3.0 generate better translations from your training corpora than ever before. What’s more, default training configurations have been improved to boost out-of-box performance for most commercial uses, especially for language service providers.

Version 3.0 also contains updated generic language models trained on 43.7 million sentences in each language. That’s 40% more text than in the previous version. A pre-trained NNJM, trained on the same 43.7 million sentence pairs, gives users access to this ground-breaking deep learning approach to machine translation.

Input data is cleaned more consistently, numbers are converted according to French and English rules, and non-breaking spaces are inserted where warranted in French output.

AlignFactory Web Crawler now included in Version 3.0

The Web Crawler tool, which allows users to automatically download all pages of a given website, is already a big hit among AlignFactory 3.0 users. It features configurable settings that let you filter the types of pages or files you wish to download. For example, you can choose to download only PDF files from a specific website. Once the download is complete, all that’s left to do is run an automatic alignment on all the downloaded pages. Then, simply add the resulting bitexts to your LogiTerm modules or import the TMX file into your translation memory. For a trial, get in touch at info@terminotix.com.

Translation project management: BridgeTerm Pro and BridgeTerm Web

Agile and easy to use, BridgeTerm Pro was designed as a bridge between LogiTerm and Outlook. It automates all the tedious tasks of translation project management: preparing Outlook attachments, sending repetitive emails, pretranslating in LogiTerm and re-naming and archiving documents. BridgeTerm Pro is designed for self-employed translators and small in-house translation teams.

Aimed at larger translation agencies and language services departments, BridgeTerm Web is a full-service web platform with powerful project management capabilities. With BridgeTerm Web, your project management data is hosted on a web server, allowing you complete control over user privileges for its various functions. It also features a centralized, secure portal where clients can submit translation requests. View the workloads of your employees and collaborators; create invoices; and generate productivity reports by employee/collaborator, client, and more.

Please note that BridgeTerm Web does not link LogiTerm and Outlook, as attachments are sent as downloadable links. For a trial of BridgeTerm Pro or BridgeTerm Web, get in touch at info@terminotix.com.

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